The Original Artist Friendly Convention!

April 18-19, 2015

San Jose Convention Center

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Costume Contest

RULES (these rules apply to both the pre judging and non pre judged contestants)

  1. All contestants must have a BIG WOW comic fest badge.
  2. You may not compete with a costume that has previous won major awards unless significant changes to update and improve the costume have been performed and documented.
  3. Awards of ranking include but are not limited to, "Best in show" (Only applicable to those who had been pre judged), "Best Female", "Best Male", "Best group", "fan favorite", etc etc. Judges have the ability to add or remove categories while judging.
  4. No costume is no Costume. Big wow is a family convention and nudity will not be tolerated. Judges will decide if costume is acceptable.
  5. No projectiles from stage, if so you will be disqualified. Also No jumping on or off stage. Please only use the officially designated stage entrances and exits. Stage hands will be present to assist performers on and off stage if necessary.
  6. Enjoy yourself and Have fun with it!

At Big Wow comic fest we want to recognize exceptional work so this year we are excited to announce we will have a pre judging portion of the contest! If you have made more than 70% of your costume from scratch, you are eligible for our big prize of Best in show as well as Best craftsmanship.

Only those who had gone through Pre Judging are eligible for "BEST IN SHOW"

Rules for Pre Judging

  1. Costume(s) should be 70% "hand-made". Purchased costumes are prohibited from entering the contest. Costumes that are considered as "kits" are allowed so long as kit was assembled by the participant. All participants should be prepared to briefly explain the process through which their costume was created, altered, or modified. If you did not make your costume the person who did must be present during pre judging.
  2. All entries are strongly encouraged to bring Color reference material for their costume(s). Judges might not be familiar with source material. If costume is an original design, then reference images of inspiration and sketches.
  3. Please go to Information booth on Friday & Saturday to find out where you need to go for Pre judging which will take place Saturday afternoon.
  4. If you do not register online prior to the cut off time, you can sign up for a time to come to the pre judging at the same information table on Friday.

Craftsmanship Judging Judging will be done using four factors:

Use of Materials – How well you picked materials to match your character’s design and/or time period.

Accuracy to Reference – How well your costume matches the design you chose to replicate, including color and scale.

Attention to Detail – Little things like using functional buttons, hidden pockets, or lining.

Completeness – Do you have the whole design including hair, shoes, make-up, and props?

Please note that some pieces – including wigs and shoes- may be store bought or commissioned, but you will need to declare that during the Craftsmanship Judging.


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