The Original Artist Friendly Convention!

April 18-19, 2015

San Jose Convention Center

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Be sure to Click on the Guest's picture for Bio's and more information on their Appearance.

Arthur Adams
Booth: AA549

Joel Adams
Booth: AA421

Neal Adams
Booth: AA346

Ryan Almighty
Booth: 332

Karl Altstaetter
Booth: AA321

Booth: F01

Brent Anderson
Booth: AA614

Booth: CP05

Sanya Anwar
Booth: AA302

Midwick Armory

Mark Badger
Booth: AA422

Eric Basaldua
Booth: AA412

Rick Basaldua
Booth: AA525

Big Rob Beltran

 Big Tree Comics

Stephen Bissette
Booth: AA115

Booth: AA408

Lord Blood-Rah
Booth: 101

Mark Bode
Booth: AA524

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais
Booth: CP02

Brandon Bracamonte

Nick Bradshaw
Booth: AA509

Tim Bradstreet
Booth: AA700 Splash Page Comic Art

Dan Brereton
Booth: Big Wow! Booth

Danica Brine
Booth: AA508

Holly Brooke
Booth: CP12

Nicole Brune
Booth: 727

Danny Bulanadi
Booth: AA324

Alex Bunch

Robert Burrill
Booth: 101

Booth: AA419

Ethan Castillo

Christopher Cayco

Travis Charest
Booth: AA450

Joyce Chin
Booth: AA548

Frank Cho
Booth: AA503

Frank Cirocco
Booth: AA122

Fracture Comics

Ace Continuado
Booth: AA407

Daniel Cudmore
Booth: C2 - Saturday Only

Dennis Culver
Booth: AA518

Booth: CP11

Olivia Dantes

Geof Darrow
Booth: AA506

Dominic Davi

Balrok del Cavo
Booth: 432

Jose Delbo
Booth: AA318

Shannon Eric Denton
Booth: 100

Bill Doran
Booth: CP10

Dave Dorman
Booth: AA416

Lela Dowling
Booth: AA123

Nick Dragotta
Booth: AA612

Felipe Echevarria

Booth: AA619

Faye Fatale
Booth: 432

Tom Felton
Booth: C1 - Saturday Only

Sean Fernald
Booth: Panelist

Heather Finley
Booth: 601

Matthew J Fletcher
Booth: AA116

Keith Foster

Douglas Freeman

Derek Fridolfs
Booth: AA410

Blas Gallego
Booth: AA446

Marisa Garcia

Rob Gardner

Matt Gaser
Booth: AA717

Parnaz Gharah

Dave Gibbons
Booth: AA247

Ben Glendenning
Booth: AA521

Michael Golden
Booth: AA246

Al Gordon
Booth: AA313

Steve Gordon
Booth: AA211

Gary Graham
Booth: 532

Adi Granov
Booth: AA550

Mick Gray
Booth: AA314

Diana Greenhalgh
Booth: AA409

Justin Greenwood
Booth: AA411

Gaz Gretsky

Quenlyn Gretsky

Mike Hampton

Richard Hatch
Booth: 533

Shotzi Black Heartt
Booth: 432

Francisco Herrera
Booth: AA605

Brian Hess

Frank Hill
Booth: AA718

Laurel Anne Hill
Booth: AA722

Leann Hill

Lee Holley
Booth: AA719

Madeleine Holly-Rosing

Robin Holstein

Adam Hughes
Booth: AA601

Anson Jew
Booth: AA623

Benton Jew
Booth: AA624

Drew Johnson
Booth: AA520

Jon Keithley

Jung-Ha Kim

Alyssa King
Booth: CP6

JJ Kirby
Booth: AA546

Melynda Kiring

Rich Koslowski
Booth: 200

Kathleen Kralowec

Ken Kristensen
Booth: AA700 Splash Page Comic Art

Melissa Laroue
Booth: 432

Erik Larsen
Booth: AA312

Thang Le
Booth: AA717

Steve Leialoha
Booth: AA308

Ron Lim
Booth: AA607

Joe Linsner
Booth: AA502

John Livesay
Booth: AA511

Jake Lloyd
Booth: C3

Aaron Lopresti
Booth: AA514

Karen Luk

Danni Shinya Luo

Booth: 432

Toshio Maeda
Booth: AA249

Kevin Maguire
Booth: AA448

Steve Mannion
Booth: AA513

Chris Marrinan
Booth: AA613

Gary Martin
Booth: AA713

Frank Mastromauro
Booth: 601

George "the Giant" McArthur
Booth: 332

Sam McBride
Booth: 332

Hannah  McGill

Mike McKone
Booth: AA447

Steve Meissner
Booth: CP09

Ken Meyer Jr
Booth: AA512

Lonnie Millsap
Booth: AA523

Miss Misery
Booth: 432

Anthony Misiano
Booth: CP6

Scott Moon
Booth: 101

AJ Moore

Gabriel Moore-Topazio

Chris Moreno
Booth: AA519

Bill Morrison
Booth: AA535

Marat Mychaels
Booth: AA322

C. Andrew Nelson
Booth: 232

Paul Nigh

Alex Nino
Booth: AA501

James O'Barr
Booth: AA714

Victor Olazaba
Booth: AA604

Siya Oum
Booth: 601

Valerie Perez
Booth: CP13

Brandon Peterson
Booth: AA504

Meredith Placko
Booth: Cosplay Walk Around

Damion Poitier
Booth: AA100

Andy Price
Booth: AA603

01 Publishing

Kit Quinn
Booth: CP08

Joe Quinones
Booth: AA700 Splash Page Comic Art

Webberly Rattenkraft
Booth: 432

Booth: CP03

Paolo Rivera
Booth: AA700 Splash Page Comic Art

Kenneth Rocafort
Booth: AA449

Tone Rodriguez
Booth: AA522

Don Rosa
Booth: AA303

Mark Roslan
Booth: 601

Stephane Roux
Booth: AA248

Joe Rubinstein
Booth: AA620

Benjamin Russel

Stan Sakai
Booth: AA301

Booth: AA505

Stuart Sayger
Booth: AA621

Stephen Schilling

Liam Sharp
Booth: AA434

Scott Shaw
Booth: AA418

Steve Sherman
Booth: AA423

Bill Sienkiewicz
Booth: AA716

Jim Silke
Booth: AA206

Bruce Simon
Booth: AA423

Gabe Smith

Allison Sohn
Booth: AA602

Ryan Sook
Booth: AA306 SAT ONLY


John  Stanley
Booth: 101

Peter Steigerwald
Booth: 601

Jim Steranko
Booth: AA645

Philip Tan
Booth: AA406

Strephon  Taylor
Booth: 432

Mark  Texeira
Booth: AA316

John Totleben
Booth: AA214

Timothy Truman
Booth: AA212

Keith Tucker
Booth: AA424

Dave Turner
Booth: CP04

Meg Turney
Booth: CP01

Christopher Uminga
Booth: AA117

Lisa Marie Varon
Booth: C1 Sunday Only

 Vegas Power Girl
Booth: CP07

Rick Veitch
Booth: AA215

Daniel Vest
Booth: AA609

Ramon Villalobos
Booth: AA615

Cody Vrosh

Rachel Walker

Nate Watson
Booth: AA618

Joe Weems
Booth: AA547

Claire Wendling
Booth: AA118

Tami Wicinas

Jane Wiedlin
Booth: AA616

Fred Wiehe
Booth: AA610

David Williams
Booth: AA712

William Wisher Jr.
Booth: Panelist

Ben Wolstenholme
Booth: AA434

Walden Wong
Booth: AA510

Rob M. Worley
Booth: 100


Tom Wyrsch
Booth: 101

Dean Yeagle
Booth: AA415

Thomas Yeates
Booth: AA213

Charles Yoakum
Booth: AA306 SUN ONLY

Slob Zombie
Booth: 432

Chrissie Zullo
Booth: AA216

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