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April 18-19, 2015

San Jose Convention Center

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Sergio Aragones


Genres: Comics

Probably the fastest and most famous working cartoonist around! Best known for his work on Mad Magazine and Groo the Wanderer. Sergio has been working as a cartoonist for over 50 years and has worked for Television, Comics, Undergrounds and just about anything you can think of. Currently Sergio is working with Bongo Comics on the Simpsons and creating his own stories on "Sergio's Funnies".



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Artwork Examples*

Conan Pinup by Sergio Aragones Comic Art

Conan Pinup by Sergio Aragones
Owner: ATULA Siriwardane

MAD Marginals Art - Aragones Comic Art

MAD Marginals Art - Aragones
Owner: Dewey Cassell

Wonder Woman by Sergio Aragones Comic Art

Wonder Woman by Sergio Aragones
Owner: Randy House

* These examples are courtesy of Comicartfans.

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