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April 18-19, 2015

San Jose Convention Center

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Marie-Claude Bourbonnais


Genres: Cosplay

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is a French Canadian costume maker, model, cosplayer and former fashion designer. Through her 16 years of experience in every step of the garment and costume production, she came to excel in using an extended variety of materials, textiles and others. In spring 2014, her high level skills allowed her to be taken under the wing of Y. Lamontagne, a lifelong shoemaker, to be taught the authentic bespoke techniques. Furthermore, her self-taught leather work will soon grant her a professional recognition of competency. Her latest costuming work will be seen in Heroes of the North – Season 2 as Christian Viel, the producer, commissioned 7 complex outfits. These designs will be reproduced in Flirty Girl Collectibles’ Heroes of the North toys line.

Since her first appearance in 2008, when she instantly became the favourite of a local radio station’s audience, she took part in many TV and radio shows and was featured in various newspapers articles. Her edgy look and nice demeanor quickly lent her a modeling job for a major advertisement campaing and publications in men’s magazines. In the last 3 years, Marie-Claude became a reference to explain the cosplay topic in the local medias. In parallel, she got hired as an actress in Heroes of the North, a multiplatform experience, made appearances in comedy shows and small acting roles in TV shows.

MC is also working with the American board games company Soda Pop Miniatures that integrated her as a character in their games Tentacle Bento, Relic Knight and Super Dungeon Explore, producing drawings and miniatures based on her image and figure. MC also lately became the inspiration for the Italian designer Paolo Parente who hired her to personify Koshka, one of the main characters in his board game Dust, and who will, from now on, draw the character based on MC’s figure and face.

MC was revealed to the cosplay scene in 2009 with her Mortal Kombat tribute pictures where she was dressed up as Frost. She was credited by some fans to have inspired the latest Mortal Kombat cosplay campaing and was congratulated by Ed Boon, co-creator of Mortal Kombat.

MC officially became one of the most recognized North American cosplayers when she attended New York Comiccon 2010, wearing a latex costume of Sue Storm, from the Fantastic 4, introducing that material for the first time in the mainstream cosplay industry and creating a new trend. She’s now known as a technical cosplayer who’s building high quality costumes and props. She’s received as a guest by comiccons and conventions all across North America, Mexico and South America.

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Marie-Claude Bourbonnais will be at the following events

Cosplay Stars 4/19 3:00 PM

Cosplay Stars 4/18 3:00 PM

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