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April 18-19, 2015

San Jose Convention Center

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Damion Poitier


Genres: Entertainment

Damion Poitier is an actor and stuntman who has appeared in several films and video games, notably in Marvel's Avengers (2012) in the role of Man#1 aka Thanos. Damion has also appeared in Star Trek (2009) and Jarhead (2005). His other film credits include small roles in The Hard Easy (starring Peter Weller), Dreamgirls (with Ivar Brogger and Robert Curtis Brown), and The Perfect Sleep (with John Fleck and Pasha Lychnikoff). More recently, he played a lead role in the independent science fiction picture Hunter Prey. He was also an associate producer on this film, along with Julie Caitlin Brown.

In the Video game world Damion is the face and voice (as well as actor for the live action appearances) of the Character Chains of the Payday Crew (in Payday 2)

He also lent his face to Sgt Johnson and movement to many of the characters in the Halo 2 Remastered edition released in the Halo Masterchief Edition (2014). Poitier has also done voices for Lost Planet 3 and Movement to True Crime New York as well as Spider-Man 3

For television, Poitier has made both credited and uncredited appearances on such series as True Blood, Justified, Pair of Kings, Sons of Anarchy, Awake, Dollhouse, The Practice, CSI:NY, Charmed, Firefly, ALIAS, Judging Amy, Sheena Queen of the Jungle, Boston Legal, and Boomtown.

He can be found on the web in the series’ Payday the Web Series, Divergence, and Geek Cred

Some of Poitier's stunt work includes the television programs and films Angel, Wanted on TNT, Semi Pro, For The People, Black Dynamite, Doing Hard Time, Black Dawn, Half Past Dead 2,The Whole Ten Yards, Snow Dogs, The Losers, and Guess Who.



Damion Poitier will be at the following events

2nd Annual Comic Book Masterpiece Theater Table-Read: The Mighty Thor 4/19 2:00 PM

Cultural Diversity in Popular Media Panel 4/18 1:00 PM

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