The Original Artist Friendly Convention!

May 17-18, 2014

San Jose Convention Center

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Exhibitor List

Below is a list for the 2014 Big Wow! Exhibitors/Small Press/Artist alley. Booth and Floor Plan assignments will be available around April. So be sure to check back then to see where you can find your favorite Dealers and Artists...

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Booth Number

1 Sixth by OC 314
17Machine Studio 621F
2.5d Sprites 1401Q
A Wrinkle In Time 1109
A-1 Comics 913
Abraham Lopez 511L
Ace Continuado Illustrations 1401P
Action Lab Entertainment 420
Adventures of the 19XX 1034
Al's Comics & Books 1204 807
All Out Collectibles 935
Amazing Adventures 1025
Amelia Davis 1401T
Angelo's Comics 325
Animator Made Intl 621B
Anime Link 1308
Art of Brian Soriano 1401M
Art of Tu AA22
Aspen Comics 301
B V Toys 1206
Banga Studios 1401H
Betsy Streeter 412
Beyond Time Comics 1301E
big red comics 921
Big Wow! Exclusives 801
Bijou Collectables 218
Black Cat Comics 302
Black Jack Comics 1301C
Black Jack Press 521D
Black Snow Comics 411J
Blackwolf Images 831
BOOM Studios 901
Boston Metaphysical Society Comic AA19
Brainstorm 611F
Brandon Bracamonte 408
Brat Cat Productions AA25
California College of the Arts 329
California Hot Shots 207
Cape & Cowl Collectables 919
Carlyfornia 931
CBLDF Comic Book Legal Defense Fund 1014
CGC 914
Chem 19 611C
Chris's Comics 1118
Chunky Girl Comics AA18
CJ Toys 212
Collector's Corner 912
Comic & Figure Addicts 1209
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund 1014
Comic Collectorshop 1108
Comic Ink/Sakura Kuro Fine Arts 1301N
Comic Madness 813
Comic Shop 319
Comics Conspiracy 918
Comicwise 819
Complexwish AA29
Convolution 2014 F11
Coollines Art 833/721M
Cosmic Comix 1124
Creature Con 3 FM 17
Creepy KOFY Movie Time Celebrity G-I
Crimson Feather Press AA21
Cruzin' Thru Comics 1015
Cuppa T Books AA16
Curious Things 113
Darkeye Studios AA27
Dave's Comics 925
Dennis Culver 411J
Devonne Amos 521N
Double-A-Toys-N-Collectables 224
Dr. Hogan Berry's Extraordinary Emporium of Genre Jewelry 119
Dragon Child 521Q
East Bay Star Wars Fan Club F4
East Bay Underground Toys 202
Echo Base 310
Edge of the World Art Studio 721G
Eiko's Ballons 421O
Elveen's Comics 924
Endless World 1300
Erin Leong/Awkward Boobies 621J
Ethan Castillo AA1
Eva Vanecek Costume Design 121
Everything Pop Culture 621K
Famous Monsters of Filmland FM1
Ferric Press 701G
Flesk Publications 418
Fourth Way Comics 421P
From the Land Beyond 931
Funkybat 721I
FVF Comics 1028
Geeky U 426
Genuine Haha 521G
Get Cash For Comics 907
Glowing Raptor Studios 1401G
GoDaddyO 428
Golden Frog Press 926
Golden Gate Garrison F1/F2
Greg Espinoza 1301(i)
Gregg Davidson 621L
Harley Yee Rare Comics 1006
Heroes Comics 1009
Heroic Fine Art 1103
Holzheimer's 1107
Hot Toys 326
Hot Toys ll 107
House of Comics 215
Human Comics 511K
Hyperbooster Studio 721P
I Had Those Toys 220
Ian Yoshio Roberts 1401F
IDW 803
In Search of 1306
Indigenous Narratives Collective 621O
Infected By Art 825
Inkpebble 1401A
Irene Flores 1401C
Jeff Pittarelli 621M
Jen Hickman 521L
Jenny Parks Illustration 1401E
Jim & Melody Rondeau 306
Jim Kilpatrick / Little Bat Manga 721J
Jimmy Daze Comics 521I
Jonathan Green 1301B
Jose Moreno Illustrations 521O
Jusscope Press 1301M
K. C. Kard Co. 115
KABOOM Studios 901
Kandied Apples 1401L
Kraken Con F7
Lee Kohse 1301H
Little Big Head Productions 1401S
Llyod Gragg Fantasy Pinup 621Q
Lonnie Millsap/Rollyhead Publishing AA2
Lorraine Yee 1301K 721K
M Flowers 721H
M Todd Gallowglas 1301T
MahoTen Productions AA17
Maydak LLC 511N
Mejia Arts 1401O
Melissa Pagluica 1301G
Mercenary Art Studios 521E/521F
Michael C. Hayes 621H/621I
Michael Calero Art 611B
Mike Hampton Art/Tantrum Comics 408
Mike's Hobbies & Toys 920
Minion Me 1301P
Miss Misery FM H
Morehouse Collectables 311
My D Pins & Collectables 315
Myraid Publications AA24
MyTAG Inc. 1007
Naked Comix AA28
Neal Adams / Continuity 1001
Neko Press 303 1205
Never Static Pictures 521P
Nostalgic Investments 906
Ogopogo Press 621N
Oh, Hell Comics 1301J
P.M.B.Q. Studios 1201
Para~Somnia Comics 711C
Patrick Quigley 930
PescEffects, The Art of Jerry Pesce 421Q
Pilot Studios 621G
Plotless Comics AA26
Pop-King Inc. 1031
R & K Comics 307
R.R. Werner and Steven Yu 611D
RAWR! Dinosaur friends 621C
Ray Storch Comics 1112
Reo M. C. 521B
River City Comics & Games 1101
RNA Brand Entertainment 1301L
RoboToyFest / PowermorphiCon 203
S.G. Comics 1018
SacAnime 103/F8
Sad Darwin 1301A
Salazar Entertainment 1203
Sam Garland & Ghost Fish AA23
San Jose Public Library F11
Santa Rosa Toy Con 323
Save the Sperels! 511M
Scapula AA20
Shea Standefer Art & Costume Design 711B
Shelby Robertson American Dischord 827
Silicon Valley Authors 721F
Slave Labor Graphics Art Boutiki 101
Smurphy Graphics 621E
South Bay Star Wars Fan Club F3
Splash Page Comic Art 401B/401G
Square Headz Toys by LLLC 1302
Steven E Gordon 829
Strawberry Factory 1401N
Stuart Ng Books 414
Sumantra Comix 424
Super Emo Friends 711L
Superhero Talent Agency 227
TamiArt 1301D
Team Timecar F 5
Tee Turtle 125
Terry Huddleston Art 1202
Terry's Comics 1013
The Art Institute 934
The Bay Area Ghostbusters F 6
The D20 Girls Project F 10
The Fly Comics 1301O
The Force Media LLC 521J
The Hero Initaitve 915
The Mighty Duo 1401D
The Mystical Apothecary 1401R
The Plainest Plane 521H
Third Option Press 1401K
Tim's Comics 1026
Tinybully Knits 521M
Tirrivee Creations 1301F
Tomas Overbai 621P
Tony Raiola Books 908
Top Cow 201
Top Shelf Productions 903
Torpedo Comics 219 & 909
Toy Havok & Comic Chaos 1017
ToyCentric 213
Tragic Hero Comics/House of Doodle 1032
Treasure Island Comics 1021
Two Cats Comic Book Store 928
Vegas PG COSPLAY 5 521C 927
Von Brawler 1401B
Warhead K.E.K. 621D
Wizard Cats 1301Q
Wolfpack Enclave 422
Wrought Comics 711O

Famous Monsters Film Fest

Famous Monsters of Filmland has teamed up with Big Wow to bring you a film fest dedicated to celebrating fun and original movies and screenplays. Click Here for Details!

Ticket Information

Big Wow! ComicFest Door Prices

Adult 1 Day: $25.00
Adult 2 Day: $35.00
Child 1 Day: $15.00
Child 2 Day: $20.00
Child Tickets are for 8-14 yrs old.


Purchase Advance Tickets

Eventbrite - Big Wow Comic Fest

V.I.P. GODZILLA Packages
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Show Dates/Hours

Saturday May 17th
 10am - 6pm
 With After Hours Programming!

Sunday May 18th
 10am - 5pm

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Show Sponsors

Ogopogo Press Launch Comic Company

May 13, 2014

Ogopogo Press is an online comic company formed by Matt Hebb, Jason Worthington, and Gerrad McConnell to create comics that they wanted to tell. Debuting their first anthology series "Tales From the Public Domain" at Big Wow 2014, the company will be creating comics across a broad range of genres in the coming years.

Charlie Adlard will Zombify You at Art Auction

May 10, 2014

Incredible opportunities to own a Charlie Adlard sketch with you as a Zombie, and also a separate auction for a Walking Dead DPS!

Magic the Gathering at Big Wow Comic Fest!

May 9, 2014

Forgotten Path Games will be running Magic the Gathering tournaments throughout the weekend in the gaming section of the Big Wow Comic Fest exhibit hall!