The Original Artist Friendly Convention!

April 18-19, 2015

San Jose Convention Center

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Exhibitor Kit

Exhibitor Kit: CLICK HERE

Please Note: All Booth Balances are due by April 12th, please make all payment's to Paypal at "", 
If you can not make payment by Aprily 12th, please contact us to make arraignments..
Please call Scott Armstrong at (916)397-0587 if you need to make an arraignment for payment. You will not be allowed to set up until payment at the show is made.
If paying balance at the show, checks, cash and CC (with the 3% fee) will all be accepted.
Please Note, a few of you have not submitted a California Resale Number (regular or temporary), you will NOT be able to set up at the show without one, period. We don't make this rule, we just have to enforce it. Thanks for understanding.
FRIDAY  April17th,  4pm to 9pm EXHIBITORS
FRIDAY April 17th, 5pm to 9pm ARTIST/SMALL PRESS
SATURDAY  April 18th, 7am to 9:30 am
SUNDAY  April 19th, 9am to 10am (Dealer  entry time)
The Loading Dock Ramp is located on the WEST side of the building on Almaden Blvd, behind the Hilton Hotel.
1- Line your vehicle BEHIND the Convention Center on VIOLA AVE (Next to the Big Blue Tent), we will have someone there at 3 o'clock.
2- Get a Number in Line, You will be called by this number.
     We will have a person at the bottom of the ramp calling up cars DO NOT GO TO THE RAMP, YOU WILL NOT BE LET UP WITHOUT A NUMBER.
3- We will have some help for load in, and you are welcome to use your own dollies.
NOTE: If you have a light load (Artists/Toys), It might go faster to use the Garage and Elevator for the Convention Center.
Please Note: You will only have up to 90 minutes on the dock to unload, then you will have to move your vehicle off the loading dock. We will have employees out there, this has to be strictly enforced, there are only so many spots for Big Wow! We all need to work together.
SUNDAY  April 19th, 5pm to 9pm
1- No Vehicles on the dock before 5pm. We will have a person on the dock at 4pm. NOTE: WE HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT ANY VEHICLES ON THE DOCK BEFORE 5:PM WILL BE TOWED.
2- Please have your booth packed befor getting in line for load-out. We will have limited time for each vendor to pack, 60 minutes total. We will have help on the dock if you need it, or you may use your own dollies.
PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO BREAKING DOWN BEFORE 5PM! There are no vehicles allowed in the loading dock until 5pm, and no hand truck on the floor before 5pm (while customers are on the floor for insurance reasons).
HOTELS: The Marriott  option is on the website at "". Another option is trying "" for more choices. There is another show in town (a computer show) so please do not wait to get your hotel rooms reserved.
Thank you again for exhibiting at Big Wow! Comic Fest, I hope we all have an Amazing and fun show. Please let us know if you have an concerns, requests, comments or suggestions.
Thank you


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This years Big Wow Comic Fest was, by far, the best ever! Thanks to all the Fans, Guests and industry.

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