The Original Artist Friendly Convention!

April 18-19, 2015

San Jose Convention Center

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The 2014 Big WOW! ComicFest is expected to draw record crowds. If you'd like to be a part of the Show please download the Exhibitor Registration form below and return it to mailing address provided. You can also Register Online by Clicking Here.

Attn. Exhibitors. Here is the "Information" for Exhibitors and Small Press/Artist Alley. Please feel free to contact "Big Wow!" if you need additional information.

Exhibitor letter:

With Wonder-Con moving temporarily to Anaheim again this year, it has left a hole in the comic convention world of northern California, that we are hoping to fill. This year should be a great one for the fans, exhibitors and friends of Big Wow! ComicFest. We have a lot more "media" advertising than ever, including 5 weeks of ads starting next week in the "East Bay Express" and "The San Jose Metro", over 60 spots on "KRON Ch.4TV". We will be passing out over 50,000 flyers, be present (and handing out flyers... personally) at every Toy and Comic (and most Anime) shows on the West Coast,  for the next year. 

We have also raised our "internet" presence thanks to "", "Facebook" and "Twitter". Along with more "blog" and internet articles and press releases. The word is spreading.

As exhibitors at the show, we take this time to ask one small favor of you. If you have an email feed (list), twitter account, Facebook or website.. please take a minute to shout out to your customers and fans about the show and that you will be there, and to come and support you, the show and our industry. Help Spread The Word! 

There will be a floor plan attached to the website on April 23rd. Your booth assignments will be posted on the website, along with a list of all our guests, small press and publishers. Be sure to take a look at the website for updated information. The show program will be posted within 3 weeks of the show. Please be sure to check out your booth assignments after April 23rd on the floor map. 

Also, speaking of programs... This year we will be having a Big Wow! program book for the fans, and have a few spots still available to advertise with the show. As an exhibitor you can use the ad to spotlight an event or sale at your booth, or to let the fans know about your store or internet business. For more information, rates and deadlines, please check out the website under "Advertising" for more info.

*Exhibitor Set-Up begins at 5:00pm on Friday, May 16th (till 9:am). 
      Again on Saturday May 17th (7:00am till 9:30am) 
Please Note: No vehicles will be allowed on the loading dock until after 4:30pm on Friday.

After arriving, please "check in" at the exhibitors desk BEFORE you start moving in. You will be given your badges and move-in instructions. There will be a Big Wow "dock" employee, please follow his instructions and lets all have a great "move-in" experience. 

All set up must be complete and all isles cleared by 9:30am on Saturday morning, or we can not open the show to the public. The Fire Marshall WILL NOT let us open to the public if the isles are not clear.

If you have a Balance due, are missing your CA Resale Number, or have not signed your contract, you will NOT be allowed to set-up until these things are taken care of at the front desk. Thank you for understanding.

*The room will open at 9:00 am to exhibitors on Sunday, May 18th, (The doors open to the public at 10:00am).

Dollies will be allowed in the room for set-up and break down, but NOT during show hours.

*BREAKDOWN IS NOT ALLOWED BEFORE 5:00 PM ON SUNDAY MAY 18TH. There can be NO Dollies on the floor, or Merch in the isles before 5:00PM, theses are strict Fire Marshall Rules. Please, I had to stop a few people last year, lets all wait till 5pm... Thanks

Event Productions Exhibitors Kit from 2013, the new kit is coming soon, please use this as referance.


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